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Trend Thinker | Creative Strategist | Innovation Facilitator | Founder of Strategy Workshop 👉 Transforming challenges into creative opportunities.


  • Mike Trimmel

    Mike Trimmel

  • AseTila Köstinger 🐝 von Sonnenland

    AseTila Köstinger 🐝 von Sonnenland

    An innovation economist. A futurist, impact entrepreneur and startup mentor. Enthusiast about the SDGs, blockchain and the future of energy.

  • Florian Schleicher

    Florian Schleicher

  • Vikram Shinde

    Vikram Shinde

    Writer, thinker, dreamer, reader, avid traveler and an engineer. Like to write about Personal Growth and Self Improvement, current events and much more

  • Richard Huff

    Richard Huff

  • Emanuel Jochum

    Emanuel Jochum

    Experience designer, aspiring content strategist, humanist, world citizen, traveller, mountain hiker, Cuba Libre aficionado, fairness advocate. www.ejochum

  • Leandro Albino de Oliveira

    Leandro Albino de Oliveira

    I’m UX Designer and my goal is to use my curiosity to learn new things and my creativity to connect the informations and craft something relevant to people.

  • Pi School Team

    Pi School Team

    Our team writes about their field of expertise, tells stories and explores trends.

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