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Trend Thinker | Creative Strategist | Innovation Facilitator | Founder of Strategy Workshop ๐Ÿ‘‰ Transforming challenges into creative opportunities.


  • Mike Trimmel

    Mike Trimmel

  • Florian Schleicher

    Florian Schleicher

  • Vikram Shinde

    Vikram Shinde

    Writer, thinker, dreamer, reader, avid traveler and an engineer. Like to write about Personal Growth and Self Improvement, current events and much more

  • Richard Huff

    Richard Huff

  • Emanuel Jochum

    Emanuel Jochum

    Experience designer, aspiring content strategist, humanist, world citizen, traveller, mountain hiker, Cuba Libre aficionado, fairness advocate. www.ejochum

  • Alexandra Fink

    Alexandra Fink

  • Leandro Albino de Oliveira

    Leandro Albino de Oliveira

    Iโ€™m UX Designer and my goal is to use my curiosity to learn new things and my creativity to connect the informations and craft something relevant to people.

  • Pi School Team

    Pi School Team

    Our team writes about their field of expertise, tells stories and explores trends.

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